Boulder Hardcourt Bike Polo

We have talked about bike polo before but that was on grass. Hardcourt bike polo is coming to Boulder. From Boulder Hardcourt Website

April 11. 2010. 2pm

Foothills Community Park – roller hockey rinks

hardcourt bike polo is coming to boulder, co. on 4/11/10, we are organizing folks to come up from denver (Denver Mallet Mafia) and perhaps a few people from colorado springs (Peak Region Polo) to give boulder a taste of what hardcourt bicycle polo is all about. we will provide mallets and objects to strike so just bring a bike that you won’t be losing sleep over should a stray mallet/ball/foot try and occupy the same bit of space-time.

but wait, what is hardcourt bike polo…?

hardcourt bike polo is team sport typically played 3 on 3. the object of the game is to score on the opposing team’s goal. goals are scored by hitting the ball (typcially a roller-hockey ball) off the round/disk end(s) of the mallet; anything that goes off the long side of the mallet is considered a “shuffle” and doesn’t count. goals are typically cones or a hockey-sized goal/net. players can ride on any type of bicycle they prefer, but if their foot touches the ground during play (whether accidental or forced) they are out-of-play until they tap back in, at a designated object or point on the court. courts vary in size and shape and are usually dependent on what’s available. having fixed “boards” or a boundary to the court greatly facilitates in continuous play. in boulder we are lucky enough to have a public park that includes two little-used roller hockey courts which turns out to be an ideal size for polo.

foothills community park: directions from downtown boulder

during pickup, teams are decided randomly prior to each game: from a pile of six mallets one person randomly/evenly divides the mallets. then sides are taken and the game begins. every game starts with a “joust”, where both teams charge the ball in the center of the court. this a just a quick way to determine initial possession. first to 5 goals (or, if there are more people waiting and games are moving too slow, highest score after 10min) wins.

for more information and a sense of the “poloverse”:

and from that site, here’s a map of the self proclaimed clubs of the world so you can see what you’re getting yourself into…

see you on the courts!


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