Colorado-based cycling gear discounter launches -- Handlebargains

Colorado-based cycling gear discounter launches Monday

March 31, 2011

BOULDER, COLORADO — By now everyone’s heard of the Groupon phenomenon. For the small price of sharing your email address, savvy consumers get great deal buying opportunities delivered daily to their inbox.

Now there’s a new player in the on-line discount game, and their goal is to cater specifically to Colorado cyclists. Introducing, the world’s first cycling specific, local deals provider.

Starting with its launch this coming Monday, April 4, Handlebargains will serve up deals on everything from discounted bike tune-ups, to half-off coupons for tires and tubes, to slashed entry fees for local cycling events.

Whether you’re a cat. 1 racer, a dedicated commuter, a weekend warrior or all of the above, Handlebargains will save you money on cycling gear and services.

The Handlebargains staff is a Boulder-based group of bike-loving industry veterans who know their way around a bike shop. That means you’ll get real deals on top products and services, not distracting junk mail filled with offers for pedicures and salon discounts.

Handlebargains deals don’t stop at the bike shop. Members can expect a wide range of cycling-related offers, including discounted event registrations, online-retailer rebates, recovery massage, nutrition products, coaching, and multi-vendor packages.

The best part: Access to all these deals is free. Just sign-up for the Deal Dispatch, select your Colorado hometown, and then get ready for location-specific deals delivered direct to your in-box.

You’ll also get access to national deals, and even deals in other regions. You can even share deals with friends, family or anyone else who’s looking for great cycling gear and services at discounted prices. Think of yourself as the Pro who gets the pro-deal hook-up.

From a business owner standpoint, presents a far better business-building opportunity than behemoths like Groupon. Instead of a quick interaction with a compulsive bargain hunter who’ll cash in their coupon and never come back, you’ll get the chance to create lasting relationships with true cycling enthusiasts.

This is not the buckshot, eBlast approach applied by other on-line discount providers. Handlebargains offers are targeted directly at cyclists.

The good news is that thanks to the need for alternative transportation and an increasing emphasis on healthy living, that cycling community is growing exponentially. More cyclists means a greater voice for all of us, be it on issues of bike lanes, trail access, safe roads or healthy living. They’re all important messages we can help deliver together through our shared passion for this amazing sport.

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