Highway 93 Shoulders are Nearing Completion

Have you noticed the new shoulders that are being added to Hwy 93 from Boulder to Coal Creek Canyon intersection? This project has been in the works for years and is finally coming to completion most likely in 2012. At the moment it appears that the stretch from Hwy 128 to Coal Creek are already there. This highway has never been friendly to cyclist or cars for that matter but now this new shoulder makes cycling to Coal Creek Canyon or Golden or to Arvada. The DailyCamera Captured some details on hwy 93 shoulders

Colo. 93 just south of Boulder climbs up Marshall Mesa when it leaves town. The fact that Colo. 93 is built into the hill there made county staffers believe that 6-foot shoulders were probably the maximum width they could add to the road. But Swope said that initial engineering analyses show that they can probably put in 8-foot shoulders without incurring too much additional cost.

Now the next question is how long will it take for cyclists to start to venture onto Hwy 93 and integrating it into they routes? Take our poll

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