9 Boulder businesses named “bike friendly”

Boulder Bike Friendly Business Program continues to gain momentum

BOULDER – Community Cycles and GO Boulder recently named eight Boulder businesses “bike friendly,” bringing the number of “bike friendly” designated businesses in Boulder to 48 since the program began in January.

The Boulder Bike Friendly Business program was developed by Community Cycles with support from GO Boulder. Both organizations share a desire to increase the viability of bicycle commuting and hope the program encourages more businesses to accommodate riders with amenities like parking, changing facilities, and a bike-friendly business culture.

To receive the designation, business owners fill out a survey ranking their commitment to making biking a viable option for customers and employees. Respondents answer questions about bike amenities they offer, community involvement and company programs and company policies related to biking. Businesses are ranked Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze based on their score out of 100.

The most recent group of honorees includes Eco-Cycle and Pivot Communication at Platinum; PreRace.com, Rally Software and NOAA Boulder at Gold; Walnut Café, Quick Left and Walnut Capital Management at Silver; and University Parent Media at Bronze. More than 40 other businesses have received bike-friendly distinctions since January.

“It’s encouraging to see the great response we’ve received to this program,” said Sue Prant, Community Cycles Advocacy Director. “It goes to show just how much many local businesses care about supporting cycling culture.”

Those named bike-friendly receive a Boulder Bike Friendly Business sticker. Businesses are also featured on the Community Cycles and GO Boulder websites and e-newsletters.

To learn more about the program, visit http://communitycycles.org/programs/bike-friendly-business.html to see a list of factors considered.

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