Save 4 mile Creek Multi-use Path

From Sue Prant, the Advocacy, Development and Walk & Bike Month Director

The City of Boulder is examining options for bicycle and pedestrian connections just to the east of Crest View Elementary School in north Boulder.

Of the three options on the table, two involve adding 5-foot-wide sidewalks to residential streets, while the third is a paved or gravel path along the Fourmile Canyon Creek drainage. All cost roughly the same amount.

Community Cycles strongly supports the option which includes a paved multi-use path along the creek with an underpass at 19th Street because ;

1) This was the option put forth and approved by the public and city council in the original NOBO plan.

2) it best separates children on their way to school from vehicle traffic.


This paved path can be plowed in winter, allowing safe access all year. The creek path option also represents an important segment of the Fourmile Creek Path, which currently is a fragmented, partially completed pedestrian/bike multi-use path that is eventually planned to run continuously from the Cottonwood open space trail at the Diagonal Highway all the way to the west of Broadway near the "Uptown Broadway" development. In addition to providing a safe route to Crest View Elementary, when complete this path will be a valuable commuting and recreation route and will provides great access from residential areas in north Boulder to Lee Hill Road and the bike-accessible trails along the foothills north of Wonderland Lake. North Boulder is sorely lacking in such continuous multi-use paths compared to central and south Boulder.

The paved path 4 mile creek option was always part of the city's planning documents. This option has been threatened because when this neighborhood was annexed in recent years, city council removed the right of way for this trail WITHOUT A PUBLIC HEARING, despite the fact that planning documents with this trail alignment had gone through public process. We cannot let city council remove our trail connections without public comment.

We urge you to support the creation of this important segment of the Fourmile Creek Path. Please visit the related City of Boulder web page, look at the materials (the most relevant is the pdf entitled "presentation slides"), and fill out the online comment form at the bottom of the web page, indicating support for the paved, along-creek path option and checking the box to support an underpass at 19th Street. Let's help build a continuous, high-quality path in north Boulder that matches those in the rest of the city!

The link is:

Please take action today!

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