Tensions with Cyclists in Boulder isn't new

The Daily Camera ran a article today citing a history of tension with cyclists in Boulder County has been around for years. They are right, yet I don't think this is limited to just Boulder but probably amplified in the Boulder area due to the huge number of cyclists. There are no doubt bad apples out there and just like how this video highlighted a very apple on the other side of the fence.

Longmont resident Don Schneider said he believes 90 percent of cyclists who frequent the Hygiene area on weekends thwart traffic laws. He calls the sheriff's office, but he says deputies are unresponsive.

Many cyclists would dispute the 90% number but many would probably agree that it is larger than 0%. While there are two sides to every story at least 1 side does not weigh thousands of pounds and can cause harm at a much higher level. This time the cycling community came out with a huge victory, lets hope next time the tables (camera) aren't turned on us

One final side note of commentary, over the past week I have read comments from readers of the road rage experience in Boulder and one comment made recently really stuck with me and that was how this is unique to Colorado. Their take on the issue is Colorado is one of the worst places to be a cyclists in regards to road rage related issues. I haven't biked everywhere but in the few states I have lived and bike there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Boulder area is by far friendlier than other places in the Midwest. Why am I not experiencing this road rage like the commenter does?

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I bicycle and drive Boulder

I bicycle and drive Boulder County roads. Regarding the comment that 90 % of cyclist thwart traffic laws in the Hygiene area, if you include "not" stopping at stop signs as violating traffic laws, then I would put the number even higher that 90%. I've keenly observed this for years, and would say that definitely fewer than 10% of riders really stop at stop signs. Sometimes I stop, sometimes I roll thru. Very, very few riders stop. It's not an argument, it's just a fact.

I'm a rider that puts on lots

I'm a rider that puts on lots of miles of training from march to december , I try to respect all the traffic laws , but when I'm riding or driving it really bothers me to see people going mega slow two or three shoulder to shoulder , thinking that the road is all theirs , I have nothing against riding like that if you are not impeding traffic ; I'm traffic on my bike and I have to go to the middle of the road or an few occasions over the yellow line , putting my self in risk just because you think you are too busy talking to let me thru by doing single file . I been ran over three times on my lifetime thankfully none of then too bad , but I grew up in a place that if you are on the cars way they are going to run you over , so my golden rule for riding is that I'm invisible and I have to take care of my self by using common sense . In the end I think that riders need to be more aware of the dangers of the roads , get more inform about the rules and laws of the road ,and remember that regardless if you have the the law on you side or not , they have the car , and they will get a ticket or something ,and you be the one on the wheelchair for the rest of you life , Please be safe , smart and use common sense, when you are enjoying the great sport of cycling .

I see this too, both on the

I see this too, both on the road and on the trail - people who think their conversation is infinitely more important than common courtesy, and don't ride single file in heavy traffic areas. There's also MANY times on the (busy) trail when I've been passed by people going above the speed limit on bikes, wearing sponsored team gear, and they neither announce their approach or signal in any way, or slow down at all. And I'm not that slow, asI have been known, when it is clear, to go faster than 15 as well, I admit. But when it's busy, filled with dogs, pedestrians, other cyclists, children, rollerbladers, etc - 15 is even too fast, unfortunately.

I usually don't ride on bike

I usually don't ride on bike paths for those reasons , dogs , babies and all that , but when I do , I respect the speed limit and try to be aware of the foot traffic , but I have ran into people ,that has their music up so high that they can heard my screams , ON YOUR LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; then I pass them , and they jump all scare , it drives me crazy .
I was talking about roads, people going mega slow on roads , 10 mph on a flat road, I'm also not saying that I'm the Fabian Cancellara of my hood , but I like to get a good work out on my short time that I usually have after or before work (BIKE SHOP ) .

Case in point: today on the

Case in point: today on the Peak to Peak highway coming into Ned, I was in my car and got stuck behind a cyclist who refused to ride on the right hand side of the white line going downhill and instead kept swerving erratically into heavy weekend traffic. He was obviously in above his skills AND had a grandiose sense of entitlement. I fully agree that the onus is on drivers to respect the human lives they pass at 60mph, but we all have to do our part. It's not that hard -- it just takes remembering that in the end your relationships with other people is what keeps you safe and alive.

Possible Hazards?

Riding erratically is always a bad idea, but I want to point out that it is perfectly legal and appropriate to ride to the left of the white line if there is any sort of hazard to the right of the white line. I don't understand the logic of people that put it there, but there seems to be broken glass on the shoulder a fair amount, perhaps to give flat tires to cyclists because we are such awful people or whatever. However, in my case, that just requires that I ride to the left of the white line.