Tensions with Cyclists in Boulder isn't new

The Daily Camera ran a article today citing a history of tension with cyclists in Boulder County has been around for years. They are right, yet I don't think this is limited to just Boulder but probably amplified in the Boulder area due to the huge number of cyclists. There are no doubt bad apples out there and just like how this video highlighted a very apple on the other side of the fence.

Longmont resident Don Schneider said he believes 90 percent of cyclists who frequent the Hygiene area on weekends thwart traffic laws. He calls the sheriff's office, but he says deputies are unresponsive.

Many cyclists would dispute the 90% number but many would probably agree that it is larger than 0%. While there are two sides to every story at least 1 side does not weigh thousands of pounds and can cause harm at a much higher level. This time the cycling community came out with a huge victory, lets hope next time the tables (camera) aren't turned on us

One final side note of commentary, over the past week I have read comments from readers of the road rage experience in Boulder and one comment made recently really stuck with me and that was how this is unique to Colorado. Their take on the issue is Colorado is one of the worst places to be a cyclists in regards to road rage related issues. I haven't biked everywhere but in the few states I have lived and bike there is NO DOUBT in my mind that Boulder area is by far friendlier than other places in the Midwest. Why am I not experiencing this road rage like the commenter does?

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Note that the commentor who

Note that the commentor who disagreed with you regarding Boulder being bike friendly versus other places had A LOT of support in follow ups.

What are you doing differently? I'm not sure why you tick off drivers in the midwest and other places that you have biked.

Golden Rule

Is the concept of "share the road" really something that needs to be explained to either party? Holy crap. The concept is simple to grasp on a bike or in a car: ride like you want people to ride when YOU drive. Drive like you want people to drive when YOU bike. *THAT* is something 90% of people don't do in Hygiene or anywhere else. As Seinfeld pointed out 20 years ago: "George, we're trying to have a civilization here". Don't be a Costanza.