News of the Weird - Boulder Cyclists acting Poorly?

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Boulder Cyclists don't act like this, right?

Okay, we get that you think you are too cool to follow the rules of the road. Seriously? On Saturday you had to pass the cars that had just so carefully (we are cyclist too) watched out for your life as we all passed you earlier. One car, that also carefully passed you, had the NERVE to honk after you re-passed them--crossing over double yellow line--and you flipped them off!!!??? Then, we all had to pass you again since you actually could not keep up with traffic.

I am guessing that you are not really on the team and just bought the green outfit to look cool. Because any sponsor would be horrified to be associated with such a poor example of cycling etiquette.
You give the rest of Boulder's law abiding, and safe cyclists a bad name.

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First of all the guy in the

First of all the guy in the photo is doing nothing wrong. If you are going to provide photographic evidence of some egregious behavior, the photo should show the behavior.

Secondly, while I typically do not pass cars on downhills, I don't see a problem with passing cars if it's done safely. Nearly every car that passes a cyclist coming down Boulder canyon is exceeding the speed limit by 10+ mph and they are crossing the double yellow line which you can tell by the sound the tires make going over the notches. Sooo, it's ok for cars when they are going faster... but not for bikes?

Any yeah, if you lay on the horn for every perceived slight out on the road, you are going to get your fair share of middle fingers. Deal with it.

Passing is passing

The cars passed him , he passed the cars, the cars passed him. Get your panties untwisted. What is your point? Seems like his only transgression is that he flipped the bird to some motorist. Also, why the issue with the hair?


You said it!

So. .it's not inconsiderate of you to keep passing the rider, forcing him to pass you yet again because you cannot maintain the speed required to stay ahead of it.I guess it's a different kind of stupid if you are driving a car and you do it over and over again. Probably hard to see much in the position you are in. I've got good news it is curable just pick up the yellow pages and find a Dr. or get down to the hospital. I'm sure they can help you pull your head out of your a*s.

If the car got passed than it

If the car got passed than it was the car who could not maintain the speed or choose not to. As to the legality of passing a car, seems quite legal to me since we abide by very similar laws. Experience driving or riding in the mountains will teach you that many people drive fast only to slow down and check out the views a quarter mile later. The anger towards this rider just seems so out of check.
Btw can anyone comment with their name or are you not self confident enough in your opinions to stand by them.