Cyclist on Sidewalks create bad reputation

In the opinion section of the DailyCamera today a reader is lashing out at cyclist riding on the sidewalk. The problem is bound to happen given so many unaware cyclist, many who's last time on a bike was at age 13 and then they only road on the sidewalks.

Cyclists on sidewalks are pedestrians

I am a cyclist in Boulder, but I am also a driver, and today I almost hit a cyclist who emerged into my path from a hidden sidewalk. The cyclist yelled at me. I would like to point out to cyclists that the Colorado Department of Transportation has the following rule for cyclists riding on the sidewalk

"A person riding or walking a bicycle upon and along a sidewalk or pathway or across a roadway upon and along a crosswalk shall have all the rights and duties applicable to a pedestrian under the same circumstances." CDOT has the following duty for pedestrians who come to a cross walk, even a cross walk with a "walk" sign: "Before crossing, stop at the curb, edge of the road, or corner before proceeding. Look left-right-left and over your shoulder for turning vehicles. If it's clear, begin crossing."

Please don't assume drivers who are turning are going to see you ride off of the sidewalk onto the crosswalk. Ride on the street, where you are more visible and where you have the same rights of the road as motor vehicles. Be a cyclist, not a pedestrian.



How is this problem solved? Hey Portland readers out there, how does your town deal with this problem?

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Make CU students take cycling course

Make CU freshmen take cycling course. Doesn't CU have a cycling clinic? If not they need one. Additionally educate the lower class in this town too on riding on the bike lane and not on the sidewalk or how to choose a route that is off the commonly driven route... do you really need to ride down Pearl street when there is Spruce?

The following is loaded with

The following is loaded with opinions and hearsay. Read at your own risk.

I REALLY wish the City of Boulder would step up and have some sort of public campaign to get bikes off of sidewalks.

Something along the line of "I don't play hopscotch in the bike lane, why would you ride on the sidewalk?" "That's quite a nice bike to be riding on the sidewalk..." I can see a bunch of these types of ads.

It's confusing to drivers, it's confusing to pedestrians, and it's confusing to cyclists who are on the road. I can't count the number of times I've arrived at an intersection (in either the bike lane or in the traffic lane, going with the flow of traffic,) and there's cyclists on the sidewalk going the same direction of traffic, cyclists on the sidewalk going against traffic, and bikes going the wrong way in the bike lane, also known as bike salmon.

If cyclists are going to be taken seriously, we need some consistency first and foremost. This also means bike salmon and those riding faster than pedestrian speed on sidewalks should be ticketed.