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Boulder teen seriously injured in bike crash

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Just saw this in the Boulder Camera:

BOULDER, Colo. — A 16-year-old Boulder girl is being treated for a brain injury after being hit by another cyclist on her way to the Thursday Night Cruisers Ride.

Police are looking for the male cyclist who ran into Tess Eckert at about 7:40 p.m., but hit-and-run statutes don't apply to bike accidents, Boulder police spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said.

Eckert, an incoming senior at New Vista High School, had dressed up for the spirited weekly ride with two friends and was riding to the event at Scott Carpenter Park along a bike path near Lashley Lane and South 36th Street.

One of the girls, Dakota Hindman, 17, said they reached the end of the path and were emerging onto Lashley Lane when two male cyclists, who were not associated with the cruisers, came around a blind corner. One of the men clipped Eckert's right pedal.

The Good, Bad and Ugly Cycling Events this weekend

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Just the highlights of what's going on this weekend, it's summer so everywhere you turn there is a cycling event going on.

The Good

USA National Mountain Bike Championships are this weekend in SolVista Colorado. National events like this are amazing to spectate so consider this if you want to have a easy weekend.

Full Cycles of Boulder is hosting a Bike Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Do it as a team or go solo, either way it sounds like fun.

The Bad

The New Belgium Urban Assault Ride rolls into Fort Collins this weekend, check out their photos to get a better understanding of what its like.

The Ugly

Mt Evan's Hill Climb is this Saturday, for all of those whom have never done this before I wish you good luck! Evans is the highest paved road in North America, the race starts at elevations higher than many races in France finish at! Tom Danielson is going for the course record of 1:41:20.

Denver hires new Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner

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From Bike Denver


Full time Senior City Planner Emily Kreisa to focus on Denver’s bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure including immediate stimulus funding for bicycle facilities

Public Works Manager Bill Vidal is excited to announce the addition of Ms. Emily Kreisa to the Public Works Policy and Planning Department as the City’s first Senior City Planner focusing on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. Kreisa joins a team of six outstanding Multimodal City Planners. The main purpose of the position is to develop long and short term plans, programs, goals and policies involving city/region wide bike and pedestrian planning initiatives. Kreisa’s first task will be to oversee the utilization of $250,000 in stimulus funds for bicycle facilities.

Ryan Van Duzer rides for Community Cycles!

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Unlike RAAM riders, Ryan is taking a bit longer to cross the USA but hey, he is on a cruiser bike and is pulling a trailer! While I'm sure Ryan is enjoying some if not most of this journey lets not forget that this ride is to help gain awareness and donations to Community Cycles in Boulder Colorado. Please support Ryan by making a donation on his site where according to him 100% of the proceeds goes straight to Community Cycles. Below is Ryan's latest update from Kansas

Short vid on Community Cycles

Boulder to Lyons Trail update

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June 23th the county hosted an open house on the Lyon's to Boulder trail project which had nearly 250 folks there attending, mostly opposing the trail. The county recently provided an update (below) and tons of documents to shift through if you have the time. The BMA has been participating in the process but not quite to the level that the opposition has been. Personally my view (not the view of 303cycling) is the trail is already complete, all that has to be done is to take down the "Certain Death if entered" signs and unlock the gates to the current Ditch Trail... but apparently it isn't that easy.


Just a quick note to let you know that we have posted all of the material from the June 23rd Lyons-to-Boulder Regional Trail Open House on the project website at You will be able to look at and print off all of the boards, handouts, comment forms, etc. that were available at the meeting. If you were unable to attend, we encourage you to print off the comment form and send it back to us so we can add it to our project record.

Some things to look for in the next couple weeks:
* Open House Comments
* Schedule of the Phase 3 activities

Thank you for your interest and participation in the Lyons-to-Boulder Regional Trail.

L'Alpe d'Flag

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Anyone notice the painted 21 turns on Flagstaff recently? Did you see the name "Hampsten" painted on the road on the bridge starting out the climb? Wonder what this is all about? It's all cryptic until you reach the very top of Flagstaff where everything makes as the words "L'Alpe D'Flag" are painted on the road which appears to try to represent the 21 turns of L'Alpe d'Huez.

If anyone has photos of these numbers or the finish please send them over! Anyone know of a MapMyRide or NetCairns map representing this?

Apparently each of the 21 turns on the real L'alpe d'Huez has a sign on it like the one below with tour stage winner names.


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