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Boulder Cruisers Memorial ride for Aaron Tuneberg

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Jeremy Papasso/ Daily Camera

Twenty-seven years ago, when Aaron Tuneberg was first diagnosed with a developmental disability, doctors were quick to list a slew of basic abilities he'd never master.

He wouldn't read, they said. He wouldn't write. He wouldn't be able to ride a bike.

Poll shows Boulderites don't want to give up cars for bikes

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In in the Bubble where we love organic, yoga, solar and yes, we love our cars apparently according to a recent survey. Look beneath the surface and in some ways Colorado isn't that much different from the midwest. For those who grew up in Boulder and saw it's transition over the past 30 years I'm not surprised by a resistant to leaving their cars or from the ones moved here simple for the money of jobs but we cyclists are different right? Take our poll, would you give up your car for biking?

Repairs to Coal Creek Trail start this month

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Colorado Daily

The timeline will largely be dictated by the amount of unauthorized trail use the area gets, Louisville City Manager Malcolm Fleming said.

"We are sending out information to all adjacent property owners; we have signage on the trail, we have barricades on the trail," Fleming said. "Violations may result in fines up to $1,000.


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