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Bike Insight -- a Ride for the Blind

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From the Daily Camera

A University of Colorado student is launching a new nonprofit organization called Bike Insight, which pairs blind people with sighted partners for tandem bike riding.

Founder Jake Ainciart, a CU senior, is hoping to get the organization operational by mid-May.

"There's something very valuable about being on a bike and powering yourself," Ainciart said. "After talking to some of the blind students I've spoken with, they've said it's one of the more fun ways to get out and enjoy the world."

Bike Insight has incorporated as a nonprofit but is working to finalize its board of directors to become tax-exempt for donations. Ainciart and the other board members are raising money with the goal of purchasing 10 tandem bikes for the first season, as well as other equipment, such as helmets and safety vests.

Read the rest at the Daily Camera

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"NO" West TSA continues ban on bikers

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Council Members voted to continue the ban on mountain bikes (all bikes really) in the West TSA AND ban on horses going off trail AND closing 42 of the 58 miles of social trails. There was however one council member who did vote for bikes (remember this folks)
From the Daily Camera

Councilwoman KC Becker was the only council member who said she would have supported allowing mountain bikes in the southern portion of the study area.

Aerial Mulching in Four Mile Burn area... not a way to go out

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Important information for both road cyclist and mountain bikers riding around Four Mile Burn area

The residents of the entire Four Mile Fire burn area would like to get through the next phase of the fire recovery, as soon as possible. One of the very important recovery projects will be a Spring aerial mulching over areas of Sunshine, Fourmile, and Sugarloaf canyons. The next phase of the burn recovery will be to seed the burn areas and then to mulch, in order to reduce flooding in the area. Several concerns to cyclists riding in these areas are:

  • The companies that are bringing in the heavy equipment are NOT from this area-therefore they are not used to the twists and turns of our canyons. This also means they are not used to the many cyclists that ride these roads.
  • During the aerial mulching, a requirement of the FAA is that no one can be in the mulch treatment areas while the mulch is being applied by helicopter, except for designated contractor employees and agency staff who are wearing highly visible clothing and have radio contact with the pilots. Residents may not be home during the mulching and this would include cyclists form Boulder, too. Please respect that the residents have been and will continue to be inconvenienced from this fire-we do not need to add to this by riding in these areas during these very important projects.

New Downhill trail on Flagstaff threatens West TSA's decision

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A newly discovered DH trail on Flagstaff comes at a most sensitive time with Mountain Bikers given that this week the Boulder officials will decide the fate of the West TSA access. Here is what was mentioned on Facebook today from BMA

Just in time for council to decide on bike access in the WTSA, an illegal DH trail is discovered on the back side of Flagstaff Mountain! Keep your eyes on the local paper tomorrow or Wednesday. BMA does not condone breaking the rules. But the total ban on bikes in the WTSA does not help this situation either.

Update Interesting spin if you read the comments, here is one

Makes you wonder:

- Cyclist caught and ticketed on illegal trail March 19, 2011
- Publicly released as front page news in the Camera on March 28, 2011, two days before West TSA decision.

I suspect that any other time this story would barely merit a mention in the paper.

More can be found on the Daily Camera

Boulder Newspaper adds support for West TSA access

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From the Daily Camera

The road to the Boulder City Council vote this week on a management plan for the West Trail Study area was a bumpy one, filled with examples of great civic collaboration -- as well as name calling, hyperbolic arguments and countless hours of public participation and debate.

We spent months talking to, and hearing from, interested parties on all sides of this issue.

Boulder's Higgins Finishes 6th at World Track Cycling Championships

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March 23, 2011

Apeldoorn, Netherlands - Boulder's Cari Higgins (US National Cycling Team) competing in her first World Championships, placed sixth in the Women's Points Race on Wednesday. Later this week she will compete in the Women's Individual Pursuit along with USA teammate Sarah Hammer, the current World Champion in the event. Cari has eleven career elite National Championships and four Pan American Cycling Championship medals.

Higgins commented "After a couple of unfortunate crashes racing four World Cups this winter, I am really excited to have a good result at Worlds. I had to take some chances with the world's best women, like going for the first sprint and hoping to recover quickly. I am looking forward to taking this form to the Pan Am Championships this April in Columbia. It is an honor to represent the US National Team every time I put on the stars and stripes as we work towards our goal, the London 2012 Olympics".

Cari is coached by Neal Henderson of Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. She also serves an athlete representatives to the USA Cycling Board in Colorado Springs, CO.


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