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Are canyon tensions heating up with the weather

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From Boulder County Road Code

Summer is full on and so is the heat and that means many cyclists head up to escape the heat. There has already been one death of a cyclist this summer, is this a sign that tensions are rising again or does this event still stand as a one off with one driver? I personally have not had any negative experiences in the canyon, now the route to Carter Lake is completely different.

"The need for the Road Code was identified through a collaborative process among residents and bicyclists resulting in signage that will hopefully make the canyon experience safer and more enjoyable for all users," Boulder County Transportation Director George Gerstle said. "These roads have become very popular among cyclists and we wanted to create signage that would speak to them - not just to motorists - and become a part of their canyon experience."

20th Anniversary of Andy Hampsten's Alpe d'Huez victory

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While this year the Tour de France will not be heading up the grand l'Alpe d'Huez but we can still celebrate America's first victory up that climb 20 years ago which was done by Boulder cyclist, Andy Hampsten. Andy became the first American to win the prestige Tour de France stage up Alpe d'Huez. Some have tried to celebrate Andy's performance in the past with the painting of Flagstaff, aka l'alpe d'Flag but city officials killed it quickly.

Boulder Cup cyclocross race to be held at new Valmont Bike Park

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Looking for 2011 Boulder Cup?

More Valmont Bike Park news today, this press release from DBCEvents

Boulder, Colorado - July, 2011 -In 2011, the internationally recognized Boulder Cup Cyclocross race will be held at the newly opened Valmont Bike Park. Entering its sixth year, the race at Valmont Bike Park on October 30th will follow successful editions at Harlow Platts Park, the Boulder Reservoir, and Broomfield's Flatirons Crossing.

The City of Boulder Parks and Recreation Department has selected the Boulder Cup and DBC Events (after a competitive call for proposals) as one of only a few events to be sponsored by the city at Valmont Bike Park this year.

While the Boulder Cup is only six years old, DBC Events has been promoting cycling races along the Front Range since 1988. In the early years, race turnouts might be only 100 athletes - in 2011, 700+ are expected to line up to race Boulder Cup on October 30th.

DBC Event's Chris Grealish, views cycling as not just a sport but a way to bring a whole community together."It is not about creating a race for the cycling community but about creating an occasion for an entire community to come together," explains Grealish. "By making the Boulder Cup a community-based event, we hope to introduce Valmont Bike Park to members of the community that may not have discovered the park otherwise."

The bike park, an idea 15 years in the making, became a reality when the Boulder biking community celebrated the park's opening this June. Located at Valmont and Airport roads, the park features 40 acres of natural-surface riding and multiple trails and structures for any rider's skill level, including a tricycle area for toddlers.

The opening of Valmont Bike Park was a wonderful culmination of the collaboration between Boulder's local cycling community and the City of Boulder. The Boulder Cup is excited to host its first cyclocross event at the park - as this event embodies the same spirit of collaboration and community that helped created this unique park.

Accidents are down dramatically at Valmont Bike Park

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Photo Credit: Larry Grossman

According to Officials accidents have curbed down dramatically at Valmont Bike Park after the first couple of weeks. Last week I rolled through the park after a afternoon ride and was pleased to noticed every single rider out there I saw was wearing a helmet. Maybe they wised up or got weeded out, either way the news is good to hear and probably not to surprising, more people like myself are learning that even though you may own a Mountain Bike, its probably not the right kind of bike to bite off the jumps safely. Guess I will need to add another bike to the Christmas list this year!

From the Daily Camera

Since the Valmont Bike Park opened on June 11, the city's Parks and Recreation Department has been tracking accidents at the park through reports from the bike park staff, volunteers and emergency calls to the park.

"What I've seen this morning is that they're going down dramatically after the first couple of weeks," said Jeff Dillon, parks and planning superintendent for City of Boulder Parks and Recreation.

The number of accidents was not made available to the Colorado Daily at press time, but Dillon said the nature of the accidents was "mostly, scrapes bruises cuts, but there have been some broken collarbones, broken wrists."

Please read all of the story at the Daily Camera

A SKAVERY Collaboration Brew supporting Community Cycles

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For the third straight year, brewers from Avery Brewing Company--alongside our bros from Ska Brewing Co., Oskar Blues Brewery and Sierra Nevada Brewing--will hop on our road bikes and ride the 500+ miles from Boulder to Durango, Colorado, hitting up small breweries and brewpubs along the way and soaking in the great culture that is Colorado Craft Beer.

LOBO trail gets northern route opened this Thursday

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From the City of Boulder BikePed News

The Boulder County Transportation and Parks and Open Space departments, along with the City of Longmont, will open the north segment of the Longmont-to-Boulder Regional Trail on Thursday, July 14. The trail segment is nearly three miles long and stretches from the Lefthand Valley Grange Trailhead on North 83rd Street to the North 95th Street bridge at Lefthand Creek in Longmont. Trail segment map.

Learn more about the Route from the LOBO Route PDF

Learn more on the Golden Spoke Event this Thursday as Riders
from Boulder will meet riders from Longmont half way! How cool!

“We are very excited about the completion of this section of the LoBo trail because it provides a long-awaited off-street alternative between Gunbarrel, Niwot and Longmont,” said Kristine Obendorf, Boulder County’s Regional Trails Planner. A public ribbon-cutting ceremony with officials from Boulder County and Longmont will take place on July 14 at 4:30 p.m. at the Lefthand Valley Grange Trailhead near the corner of 83rd Street and Niwot Road.

Group bike rides from Longmont and Boulder that will meet at the Lefthand Valley Grange Trailhead for the ribbon-cutting ceremony are being organized. Information about the ride from Longmont is posted online. Contact Sue Prant at for information about the ride from Boulder.

The new trail crosses Lefthand Creek just north of Oxford Road using a refurbished pedestrian bridge from the City of Boulder that was part of a three-way bridge swap among Boulder County and the cities of Longmont and Boulder. “We are happy about the partnership with Boulder County as we were able to replace a functionally obsolete bridge and replace it with a new structure that meets all current standards and allows for a trail underpass,” City of Longmont Project Manager Tom Street said.

Super Wallstreet, the ultimate Gravel Grumble of Boulder

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View super Wall in a larger map
Only Part I of a two Part Map

From Super WallStreet

Tired of riding on the same routes every weekend? Want something new and different but not to extreme? Try Super WallStreet Gravel Grumble! This is in my opinion the BEST gravel summer route close to Boulder and the perfect alternative route to Ward and/or Jamestown with a fraction of the traffic and 2x the beauty.

The route, like all of our routes on 303cycling starts in Boulder and climbs up the Boulder Creek Path to Four Mile rd. Take this road until WallStreet. Bear with me, if you are on a Mountain Bike this section is a little boring but the fun is yet to come. This route can be done on a CX bike but you will need to use caution on some sections of Switzerland Trail. WallStreet is a beautiful road that have little traffic and lots of history. A few miles up you will reach a small old mining town with lots of relics of its rich mining past around, including a Assay Office/Museum that one can tour when open. This road rides the valley for several miles until you reach the even smaller town of Sunset (a town which the sun had already set on decades ago). At this point keep your eyes open because the entrance to both the northern route and the southern route of the Switerland Trail is VERY poorly marked! This picture shows the entrance to the northern route and the southern route is about 20 yards ahead kind of to the left. Once one the Switzerland Trail enjoy the views as it slowly climbs up towards Sugarloaf.

Once at Sugarloaf you can continue on the Switzerland Trail has it connects with the Peak to Peak Hwy or if you want to follow this route, take the exit road that will connect you to the paved road of Sugarloaf.

Enjoy all the Photos from this route

The Climb to Ward

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Lefthand Canyon to Ward

This is a classic canyon ride from Boulder. The climb itself is not all that difficult BUT there are 16 miles of climbing and the last mile is steep. Start from North Broadway and head north on highway 36. Ride about 5 miles north and make a left on Lefthand Canyon.

This is where climbing starts. At 5 miles stay left and head to Ward. You now have 11 miles of steady climbing ahead of you. There are a few short sections of somewhat steeper climbing but its all pretty steady. Make sure you are prepared for this ride because the weather can change greatly from the base of the climb to the top.

At mile 15 the road makes a hard right turn and the pavement turns upward. You now have a little over a mile to the town of Ward. This is the steepest section of road and the grade is around 11%. Once you get to Ward take a break and refuel at the Utica Street Market.

Get ready for a long descent. You can retrace your steps or if you want to throw in a little more climbing you can take Lee Hill or Olde Stage back into Boulder.

  • Difficulty: (The last mile up to Ward is steep!)
  • 44 Miles
  • 4000 feet of climbing
  • The climb up Lefthand Canyon is never that steep until the last mile up to the town of Ward.
  • Bring some money to fuel up at the store in Ward.


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