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8 miles an hour for cyclist in crosswalks proposed

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As the University of Colorado prepares for another academic year, Boulder transportation officials are considering several changes to protect pedestrians and bicyclists. Specifically, three proposals that build upon existing laws are under review.

Officials first proposed a speed limit for bicyclists entering a crosswalk. Bicyclists would be required to slow down as they approach and travel through an intersection. Testing groups found that speeds of 8 miles per hour would give drivers a chance to see bicyclists and yield in a safe manner. Currently, the city code requires bicyclists to enter intersections "at a speed no greater than an ordinary walk." The new proposal would clarify the expectation for bicyclists and drivers alike. The city's Transportation Advisory Board has already approved this plan.

A second proposal would require bicyclists and pedestrians to push a button that activates flashing lights at specific intersections. Activating the lights is currently optional, and the new ordinance would not change a driver's duty to yield to pedestrians. Last spring, the University and city officials spent nearly $98,000 to install a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk (nicknamed HAWK), at a busy crossing on Regent Drive, just south of Colorado Avenue. The crossing system connects the CU Engineering Center with the Regent Drive Autoplex.

East Boulder Bike Pool Program

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From East Boulder Transportation Options

Boulder East’s PoolBike program assists your company with setting up and managing bikes. The PoolBike program is one of Boulder East’s most popular program with currently 20 different companies and 36 bikes.

The bikes can conveniently be used for errands, lunch, off-site meetings during the work day instead of driving. PoolBikes provide all the benefits of biking - personal health and environmental benefits - plus they add to employer’s benefits such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

An online PoolBike manager allows the program to run smoothly with very little administrative intervention. An employee checks out a bike on-line. It then can be used to calculate miles ridden, gas saved, calories burned and C02 saved. Plus it displays the top rider in each company.

Valmont Park Cyclocross Work Session

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Thursday, Sept. 1st, 4:30-6:30pm

Join us for a volunteer work session to get the Valmont Bike Park ready for cyclocross training, Wednesday Worlds, and this season's CX races.

We will be prepping the cyclocross segments of the park by clearing weeds, raking, picking rocks, and pulling up erosion matting. Please help us get these areas dialed for CX training and racing and build on our partnership with the Parks Dept as we head into the CX season and Wednesday morning rides.

The work will be dirty, scratchy, and maybe wet, so come prepared. Wear work gloves and heavy duty shoes. Tools will be provided.

Bike Boxes and Colored Lanes imported to Boulder?

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Great piece in the Daily Camera on the cycling friendship of Boulder with Portland Oregon

Boulder officials have taken notice of Portland's system, and now are exploring several Portland-style street treatments.

One of the projects under consideration is to use colored bike lanes.
Marni Ratzel, the bicycle and pedestrian transportation planner for Go Boulder, said adding paint may also help increase awareness on Boulder roads.

"It's something new and more visible, and that helps raise the awareness of all users of the presence of bicyclists," she said. "I do think

Bcycle records their 10,000th ride!

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From 13th and Spruce Bcycle Install

Not only has Boulder Bcycle recorded their 10,000th ride, they have also received 888 annual memberships and as for making a difference they have burned more than 2.5 million calories and, by riding instead of driving, they've saved about 61,400 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Now Boulder riders will have more ways to ride those pretty red bikes around town with new station installations

New B-Station Will Provide Greater East Boulder Access


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