Blue Sky Velo & Boulder Cup Reminder!

Folks, if are are a casual cyclist, want to learn more about this CX thing or just want a good weekend outdoors then don't miss this weekend!! By far, this weekend is the greatest weekend of racing in the calendar for the Boulder Denver area! Below is the press releases for the races

Registration Closes Thursday!!

Register Boulder Cup
Register Blue Sky Velo Cup

non-ACA members can still race in the Boulder Cup non-UCI categories. They can pre-register online at One day racers can simply put "one day" in the license number area of the online registration then do the 1-Day license application at number pick

Big Weekend of Cyclocross Racing on Oct. 31 – Nov. 1
Blue Sky Velo Cup in Longmont & The Boulder Cup in Boulder

The Front Range of Colorado takes center stage in the U.S. cyclocross scene at the end of October with two races that have become not only fixtures on the regional schedule but are part of the largest series in North America – The North American Cyclocross Trophy ( Both races are also part of the international calendar of cyclocross events in which points are awarded leading up to the World Championships scheduled for the Czech Republic on late January.

Blue Sky Velo Cup - "Haunted Cross"?Xilinx Campus, Longmont Colorado on Saturday October 31.
The Blue Sky Velo Cup opens up a weekend of top level racing in Longmont, just a few miles from Boulder. The Blue Sky Velo Cup was the highest attended cyclocross race in Colorado in 2008 with almost 600 racers. The Halloween day race at the Xilinx campus is a Colorado favorite and has been host of past national level racing and Colorado state championships. Race Director Bill Teasdale observed, ”The Blue Sky Velo Cup course is physically, technically, and mentally demanding so the racers love it and fans get great viewing.”

Boulder Cup - "The Rocky Mountain Classic"?
Harlow Platts Park, Boulder Colorado on Sunday November 1.
The Boulder Cup tops off the weekend of racing in this cycling
mad community in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains,
Sunday's race is in Harlow Platts Park, a bowl-like stadium
setting in South Boulder near Fairview High School and
the South Boulder Recreation Center. The setting provides
the almost 5,000+ spectators with a 360-degreeview of the
action that includes grassy climbs, the "sand trap,” and fast
straight-aways. “If you’ve never been to a cyclocross race you’re
missing the best 60 minutes of racing in cycling,” commented Brook
Watts of the Boulder Cup organizing committee.

Cyclocross has become the biggest spectator draw in competitive cycling and is the fastest growing segment of cycling in the U.S. eclipsing road and mountain biking. It combines the speed of road bikes with the terrain of mountain bike events as racers compete on bikes that resemble road bikes with slightly wider, knobby tires. Most of the racing is off-road and riders must hop off the bike for barriers and uphill sections while shouldering their bikes. Unlike longer road races, cyclocross races are short one-hour events that are combine intense action with great spectator viewing.

Racing takes place all day at both races beginning with local amateurs. The professional men and women race during the afternoon. Schedules for both races are on the event websites.

For additional information about Blue Sky Velo Cup contact Bill Teasdale, Race Director at 303-956-6794, or

News Item: 


Boulder cup weekend happens every year

Yes 40 is a lot of cash. However this is no different than any other year. There is always 1 weekend (Boulder Cup) that is more expensive(I believe 40 per race last year also). The difference this year is that Saturday is happening at Xilinx as opposed to the Rez.

So let's get the facts straight, last year's "Xilinx race" doesn't exist, and the price hasn't "gone up". Blue Sky Velo has just assumed promotion responsibilities for the first day of Boulder cup, as opposed to putting on a smaller local race that is cheaper. Same day 1 Boulder Cup race, different location (Xilinx).

I'm not even going to begin to discuss the cost of putting on a top-notch National points race like Boulder Cup. But I will say that it's very exciting that Blue Sky Velo and promoter Bill Teasdale is putting together the Saturday race. Those guys know how to do cross and it's going to be as much of a racing spectacle as we see on the front range.

And as always, Sunday will be huge, fun, crossiness.

I totally respect one's choice not to race the more expensive Boulder Cup races. Personally, I wouldn't miss it. Cause when it's done, I'll be counting down till next year's races.