CU Short Track returns in 2012

CU Short Track returns to Boulder Enlarge

May 23rd Canceled

The CU Cycling team will bring back the fun and excitement of weekly Mountain Bike Short Track racing in Boulder starting May 23rd thru Aug 15th. Short track racing for those unfamiliar with it is fast, furious, intense and well, short. Yes it hurts, your heart and lungs will explode but in 20 minutes or less you will be done and if your heart does explode, BCSM will usually be there to put you back together. All you race fee haters can rejoice, with even a late fee included it costs $15. Also they have a GREAT kids event which is free to all kids under 10 who want to put their toes on the line.

2012 CU Short Track Schedule

- 5pm Kids race
- 5:15 Women's B and Juniors
- 5:40 Men's C and Juniors (older)
- 6:05 Men's B and Single Speed
- 6:35 Women's A
- 7:15 Men's A

Last year, Erin Huck of Tokyo Joe’s dominated the Women’s field with 5 wins over Nicolle Duke’s three. In the Men’s A category Brady Kappius (ClifBar), Bryan Alders (Marin Bikes), and Mike West (Yeti) traded wins in some close fought battles, with Alders coming out on top at the end of the summer.

The Men’s B field attracted over 100 racers throughout last summer and will again be an interesting race to watch with youngsters and veterans battling it out each week.

The evening will once again be supported by Full Cycle bikes with an onsite mechanic for any last minute tune ups and emergencies.

New for this year will be equal cash pay-outs each week for the Men’s and Women’s A races. In addition to the standard prizes, June 13th will feature $500 bonus cash thanks to Gebhardt Volkswagen of Boulder.

The race series is the biggest fundraiser of the CU Cycling team, a student funded body that competes in all cycling disciplines throughout the year.

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