Boulder Sheriffs are cracking down on stop sign runners

Boulder Sheriff's department has been handing out $100 tickets in Hygiene for any cyclists not stopping at the stop sign. It also appears that the cops are taking the letter of the law approach and expecting cyclists to completely stop and put down 1 foot. Here is an eye witness statement

Hey Kris,
I got a ticket yesterday for not stopping at the stop sign at Hygiene and 75th. Couple questions for ya? Got the impression this same cop has been stopping cyclists for the past week and ticketing. He claimed to be out there to educate, but the only education he offered was a $100+ fine. His attitude was obviously hostile to cyclist as obvious by his comment that he was headed to Antelope trail in Heil to "hand out tickets" next. Not to educate, but hand out tickets!

We asked the Megan Hottman about the law and what it means to stop as a cyclists

Cyclists are vehicles and vehicles must stop at stop signs. I've talked to cops from numerous colorado offices and all have differing definitions of 'stopping' in a bike: From rolling 4mph to stopping the bike, to stopping with a foot down. The bottom line is that they need to see a cyclist slow down look both ways and be ready to stop completely if there is another vehicle coming. The position of the league of american cyclists is that cyclists must all stop at stop signs and unclip/touch a foot to the ground.

Officers frequently patrol a particular intersection for motor vehicle law violations and of course it follows they can do the same for repeated cycling violations. Here it sounds like the officer knew that cyclists frequently run this stop sign and he opted to cite those law violations.

This cyclist admitted she ran the sign and the officer saw it and cited her accordingly. Many law enforcement officers feel this is the only thing that gets cyclists' attention

How did it come to this?

Why are the cops cracking down on cyclists? Is this the cause of a few bad apples that completely disregard this stop sign or is this the cause the majority not pausing enough at the stop?

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If you are planning to fight it. Set your Garmin to beep when the speed drops below 0.1mph. Do a track stand, after it beeps, proceed when it is safe. You have now collected GPS data that shows you came to a complete stop. Is it admissible? I'm not a lawyer, but if someone showed me the data of 5mph, 3mph, 1mph, 0mph, with a time stamp matching the ticket, I would be inclined to say that person stopped. Alternately, a chest mounted gopro which shows your speedometer could also work.
Requiring you to "put a foot down" is as silly as lying on the ground as a pedestrian when coming to a crosswalk to prove that you stopped walking. Most of us can stand on two legs and not lose our balance, some of us can ride unicycles, (not me) and not fall over, but being able to stop and being able to not fall over on 2 legs, 1 leg, 2 wheels, 1 wheel, are two different things.
For the record, I can also scrape my cleat on the ground while moving, so what does touching the ground prove anyway?

I did a "track" stop at the

I did a "track" stop at the junction between Ward and Jamestown about six years ago. BCS were there writing tickets, and I was with a group of about ten who were ticketed.

In the process I learned that it's up to the ticketing officer. If it doesn't look like the cyclist fully stopped a ticket is written. In this case it was a matter of just that, while I wasn't in motion the office's opinion was that I didn't stop.

From that point forward I put a foot down. It's easy. The wind-up is good for the legs, etc.

To each his/her own...but I'm fully behind all of us following the law until it changes.