Summer Road Construction in Boulder County - What you need to know

Update! Lefthand Canyon has been chip & sealed and reports from riders are that the road is unrideable

Boulder County will be chip sealing 25 miles of county roads this summer, including some popular bicycle routes.


Starting on Monday, June 11, County crews will begin spreading the chip on Overland Road above Jamestown and work their way down James Canyon, and then Lefthand Canyon all the way to US36 (Foothills Highway). The chip application will be followed closely by rollers and sweepers to set the material into the road surface along with the application of a “fog-coat” to further reduce the amount of loose material. The entire process is expected to take just under a week for each section of road.

Chip-sealing roads preserves the road surface, reduces potholes, and extends the life of the pavement, allowing us to go longer between pavement overlays. We understand the chip seal can be disruptive to cycling and can make for a rough ride for a period of time. To address these concerns, Boulder County continues to use smaller chips than in the past and is committed to sweeping and fog-sealing the roads immediately after the chip is applied in an effort to reduce the amount of loose chips and smooth the ride. However, the chip seal process can make for a rougher ride until it settles with the heat of the summer, so please use caution when cycling on these roads for a couple of weeks after the chip is put down.

  • Week of June 11
    James Canyon Drive / Overland Drive – top of James Canyon to intersection with Lefthand Canyon Drive.
  • Week of June 18
    73rd / 75th Street - south of Plateau Road
    Niwot Road - west of 73rd to 63rd and east of 73rd to Highway 119
    Jay Road - US36 (28th Street) to 47th Street
  • Week of June 25
    Jay Road - 47th Street to 75th Street
    Baseline Road - City limits (east of 55th) to Cherryvale Road
    North 75th Street - Longmont limits (south of St. Vrain Road) to Highway 66

Neva / Niwot Shoulders Project - construction begins mid-summer through the Fall.

Boulder County will be reconstructing both Neva Road and Niwot Road this summer/ fall between US36 (Foothills Highway) and North 63rd Street. The old pavement along both roads will be removed and a new roadway constructed to include 4-foot shoulders along the entire stretch of roadway. Use of the road during construction may be difficult, especially when the old pavement is removed. Daytime closures are anticipated for at least part of the project.

Construction is currently anticipated to begin in late July and extend through to Thanksgiving. Please respond to this email if you’d like to be added to the Neva/Niwot email update list.

Highway 93 Shoulders Project – public open house, Thursday June 21.

Boulder County Boulder County is partnering with CDOT and the City of Boulder to add shoulders to Highway 93 between Highway 128 and Highway 170, and to construct a new trail crossing for the city’s Community Ditch Trail. The open house is an opportunity to review the current conditions and provide input on the upcoming design.

Open house information is available here. Please respond to this email if you’d like to be added to the Highway 93 email update list.

County Road Overlays – County Roads near Lyons.

Boulder County will be repaving approximately 5 miles of county roads around Lyons this summer, including Apple Valley, Blue Mountain, Antelope and Old South Roads. Construction is expected to begin in late June and be completed by the end of July.

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With the exception of

With the exception of Baseline Rd, none the roads need to be chip sealed! How about the county repave and widen Monarch Rd between 63rd and Diagonal, redo the concrete on 63rd between Diagonal and Gunbarrel Ave, there many wide cracks in the concrete, St Vrain Rd and Hygiene Rd between Foothills and 63rd. Think the money will be better spent on these projects than chip sealing which never lasts.

Not sticking to posted schedule

The work on the lower portion of Left Hand Canyon was supposed to commence next week. However, they went ahead and started this week. The contact at Boulder County transportation is on vacation this week.

What's the point of posting a schedule if they are not going to adhere to it? I'm afraid the cycling community is going to be in for one long confusing summer.