Are canyon tensions heating up with the weather

From Boulder County Road Code

Summer is full on and so is the heat and that means many cyclists head up to escape the heat. There has already been one death of a cyclist this summer, is this a sign that tensions are rising again or does this event still stand as a one off with one driver? I personally have not had any negative experiences in the canyon, now the route to Carter Lake is completely different.

"The need for the Road Code was identified through a collaborative process among residents and bicyclists resulting in signage that will hopefully make the canyon experience safer and more enjoyable for all users," Boulder County Transportation Director George Gerstle said. "These roads have become very popular among cyclists and we wanted to create signage that would speak to them - not just to motorists - and become a part of their canyon experience."

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Got Pulled Over.

Dunno, but I got pulled over by the fuzz on Neva road for riding 2 abreast, after we singled up way in advance of the car approaching us - it was just 2 of us riding, very few cars and we were riding tight which didn't matter because like I said we singled up.

The police asked me if I knew the rules of the road and continued to try and intimidate us. I challenged him because we were single file when it was necessary to be. 7PM this past Friday night towards the top of Neva.

Same thing happened to me

Same thing happened to me last summer in Bear Creek Canyon while riding single file behind a teammate. We both got tickets and showed up for our court date rather than pay the $20 ticket. The prosecutor knew the officer had no right to give us the tickets and threw them out. If you have the time, it's worth fighting.

The Law

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I very well might be), but doesn't the law say we can riding two abreast as long as we aren't impeding traffic? So, while polite to do so, you don't need to single up unless it specifically says to do so and traffic is light. The cop should have (if I am correct) known better.

I had a Boulder County

I had a Boulder County Sheriff's SUV pass me on Peak to Peak Sunday heading towards Ward. I was on the fast downhill section and he waited a while and then went around me coming much closer than 3 feet. He wouldn't move at all towards the yellow line and I was on the white line because the shoulder there is not in good shape. Every other vehicle gave me way more room than he did. I am diligent about staying right as far as it is safe but I expect the police, above all others, to do their part.