How Boulder County is changing the way we count bikes

Very few cities or counties have a challenge with counting bike usage on their roads, probably a simple observance could tell you the number is so low that it's not even noting but not in the Front Range of Colorado! Have you seen the markings on Hwy 36 as you come into Boulder and wondered what that was. Well learn more at the Boulder County bike counting presentation March 14 as they show how they are going where no one has gone before in the realm of auto bike counting on our roads

From Boulder County

Throughout the summer and fall of 2012 Boulder County Transportation Department staff conducted a bicycle counting research project, hoping to solve a problem: our lack of good methods for documenting bicyclist volumes, an essential metric for evaluating the usage and relative safety of bicycle infrastructure, and critical to our planning efforts.

County staff set out to establish, with the assistance of Dr. Krista Nordback, an automatic counting procedure that could accurately count both bicyclists and motor vehicles at the same time, with the same equipment. Our research has indicated that this is in fact possible to accomplish with pneumatic tube counters (with physical modifications to the equipment and software code revisions). To our knowledge, this has never been accomplished before by other researchers or in other communities!

Please join us on March 14th as we proudly present our research and explain how we plan to implement our new methodology throughout the county at over 150 locations in 2013. We’ll have a draft copy of the paper we plan to submit for publication at the presentation and an abstract is included below.

When: March 14th, 11 AM – 12 PM
Where: Large Conference Room (2nd floor) of 2525 13th St, Boulder CO 80303
RSVP: Not necessary, but feel free to let us know if you plan to join us

Parking: Motor vehicle parking is very limited, but we have bike racks, are right off the SKIP bus line and near the Ideal Market B-cycle Station.

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