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From Boulder County Transportation

Hello Boulder County Bicyclists!

Boulder County is conducting a research study to determine the feasibility/ accuracy of using pneumatic tubes to count bicyclists. If successful it will allow us to efficiently and cost effectively collect large amounts of data that will be used for the planning of bicycle facilities and other activities. To study the equipment we will be conducting manual counts at locations that have tube counters set-up. The more bicyclists we have to count, the more data we can collect (better for the statistical analysis!), and we are therefore looking for volunteers. I understand that these dates are rapidly approaching- sorry for late notice.

Volunteer Details

- Unlike in years past, volunteers will be riding bikes, not counting them…

- As a volunteer you’ll be asked to ride your bicycle back and forth at a variety of speeds across the tube counters.

- You won’t be needed or expected to stay for the entire time block (as listed below)…

- A 30 minute commitment, starting at :00, :15, :30, or :45, would be great!

- 1-4 volunteers per date/location would be really helpful.

Volunteer Times/ Locations remaining

- September 25 (Tuesday) – 3:00-5:30 – [75th or 76th near S. Boulder Rd. or Baseline]

- September 28 (Friday) – Mid-day/ afternoon time TBD – [Niwot Rd. west of 73rd]

- October 1 (Monday) – Time TBD – Location TBD (IF NECESSARY)

- Please RSVP to Brian Graham at so we’ll know to expect volunteers and how many. Please respond with the date and approximate time you’ll be at the count location to volunteer.

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