Which city council members are bike friendly

Thanks to the recent vote on a Proposed Connector Trail near downtown Boulder the city council made it pretty clear which members are bike friendly and which are not

Here the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance helps you find clarity in selecting bike friendly candidates in this up coming election.

Instead, Council voted to approve the OSMP suggested "Ridge Loop", which does not have bikes in the user mix. The Four Mile Connector, which never was considered by the Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT), was not voted upon and instead sent back to the Trustees for consideration. Council wants OSBT's recommendation on this trail by November 8.

Despite the valiant efforts of mountain bikers' supporters on council (pro-bike: Wilson, Karakehian, Becker, and Cowles), the narrow-minded majority (anti-bike: Morzel, Gray, Osborne, Appelbaum, and Ageton) won the day. This happened in the name of misguided fears, poor management of our public lands, and selfish special interests.

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