Centurion the next revolution in American Cycling?

The very first Colorado Centurion is a little over a month away and already the starting list is pretty big. A few months ago we interviewed Centurion Cycling, worth reading to get a general understanding of what this is all about.

Think it's a tour, well maybe, a race, sort of. If it's a tour then it is one of the most stacked tour fields I've every seen (see for your self), but the field is big enough that I'm doubt this will feel like any race I've ever done. Here is how Centurion Cycling defines whether it is a race or a ride

Is Centurion Cycling a race or a ride?

The short answer is both. It’s up to you to decide how you ride. We’ll position riders who want to race at the front of our giant peloton, with those who are just riding to finish further back. Either way, your official time starts when you — and the provided timing chip attached to your bike’s fork — cross the start line. Think of it like the New York City Marathon. Some competitors are there to win (or at least beat all their buddies). Others just want to line up in a prestigious event, ride with friends and set a personal best time. Or maybe you’re simply riding for the satisfaction of saying, “I did it! I rode 100 miles!” It’s totally up to you.

The Routes

25 Mile Route

I'm signing up for it, where else do I get to participate in a cycling event that might feel like a race AND takes place in the mountains in our back door and yet since its not a race the pressure to compete is less... but where this a rabbit I must chase. Also for those who are participating this the following weekends Mt Evans Hill Climb this could be great prep for it! This very well could be the start of a cycling revolution... and if its not, well it will be a nice day out riding with friends and will find some new ones while out there.

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Lyons is not Boulder

First time I have heard Lyons Colorado called Lyons-Boulder Colorado. Shouldn't it be Lyons Colorado in Boulder County?
...I know they need the "Boulder" in the title to sell it. I hope people know that Lyons is going to be 30 minutes away with the traffic that day.