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At Boulder county's last Motorist-Cyclist Working Group meeting to address the tensions between drivers and cyclists, we formed an education and outreach sub-group. This sub-group and all the people who are assisting in these efforts have been hard at work developing ideas and strategies for reaching out to your interest groups and the general public. In order to learn more about canyon usage and how people who use the canyons get their information, amongst other topics, we developed a survey with the help and leadership of TDA - Thomas Dooley Advertising. In order to strengthen our education and outreach efforts, please take the survey and forward it along to your family, friends, and the mailing lists that you may have at your fingertips. The sub-group and the County would certainly appreciate it. The more people who take the survey, the clearer that we can get with the education and outreach efforts for this year and upcoming years. There are some wonderful ideas floating in the group, and we want to be sure that we hit the nail on the head when finalizing and distributing the materials.

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What is the 3-2-1

What is the 3-2-1 law?

Notice the difference in wording for rolling through stop signs?

For motorists: bikes rolling through stop signs annoy you?
For Cyclists: cars rolling through stop signs when you have the right-of-way annoy you?

IMHO, if motiorists and cyclists were equally angry and "uptight", the wording of this question guarantees that the motorists co-hort will have a higher response to the question......regardless of the rate of occurance of this traffic violation.

3-2-1 reply

The 3-2-1 courtesy code is a campaign that followed the 2009 Bicycle Safety Act/new law which included a definition of 3 feet minimum safe passing distance by a motorized vehicle when overtaking a bicycle.

To remind bicyclists and motorists that each have a role to safely and courteously share our public roads: Min. 3 feet passing distance by cars, no more than 2 abreast when bicycles ride side-by-side, and 1 - bicycles should move to single file (1) to allow passing.

The 3-2-1 campaign was launched by Bicycle Colorado, , our statewide, non-profit working to improve bicycling in our state.

Thanks for asking.