Tuesday/Thursday Bustop ride gets a make-over

From our Inbox on the Bustop ride...

Lyons is a wreck and it will affect the traditional Tues., Thr, Bustop group
ride. Here's a proposed new route -- aimed at the caring, bike racing public
that enjoy a good, safe, free group ride.

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Bustop route suggestion #2

Another idea: Ride out Hwy 36, turn right/east at Hwy 66 (vs riding towards Lyons), go through Hygiene, turn right/west on Hygiene Rd back up to 36, turn North back to Hwy 66, turn right/east back through Hygiene and then either up St Vrain Rd back to 36 (typical tue route) or continue down 63rd (typical thurs route) back to the Diag Hwy?

66 is a bit sketchy

Seems like 66 with higher-speed traffic and often a tailwind would be nice to avoid doing two laps on. I think that's where most crashes happen-- and the stakes are higher there. Would also be good to avoid left-turns or crossings of 36 as that is an accident waiting to happen.

Yup, agree on the left-hand

Yup, agree on the left-hand turns with a big group. Those in the front half will likely make the turn clean and those near the back will likely make an unsafe choice just to try to hang onto to the group since it's a full-drop ride.

Accidents 'typically' only happen on 66 when there is larger debris (firewood, rocks, etc) on the shoulder, which is usually around the cement plant. If guys at the front would get out of their drops long enough to point out debris well in advance, maybe even sit up for 5-10sec to alert the group behind, wouldn't be a safety issue. Same goes for any of the roads.

Boulder county dirt roads

Boulder county dirt roads rule because they have light traffic, they're generally smooth and they have interesting turns and hills, way more so than the paved ones. They'd be great roads if they were paved but they happen to be dirt so we ride them.