What is Boulder Bike Tours

Return after a seasonal break on highlighting cycling businesses in our 303 area. This week we are highlighting Boulder Bike Tours.

[303Cycling] What made you want to start Boulder Bike Tours

I got lured into the bike world kind of late in life by volunteering for BMA, the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance. But once I was bitten by the bug I just loved being on two wheels. So the Tour company is an extension of that enjoyment and a way for me to turn people on to the local biking scene.

[303Cycling] What is the more popular bike route you take your clients on and who are your typical clients?

Most of our clients are visitors and tourists who come to Boulder for business or personal reasons. They want to sample the area riding without exceeding their skills, having to put together the equipment or find the best trails and road routes. Also most customers come from areas where mountainous terrain is not available so our most popular tours are ones on the beginner/intermediate trails near town. However we're seeing more demand for guided road rides which as we know Boulder has in abundance.

[303Cycling] Not only do you provide tours in the Boulder area but you are also a provider of tours OUTSIDE of Boulder for local cyclists. Next outside of Boulder tour is in Scotland, tell us about that.

Like a lot of riders I read and hear about exceptional biking destinations and daydream about making that trip. The first one on my "bucket list" was Scotland so I arranged a Coast to Coast tour that's 90+% off-road mountain biking. It's a supported, point to point ride through the beautiful Northern Highlands June 16th - 23rd. We'll ride trails and singletrack each day and roll into great little towns and local lodging every night. Details can be seen here.

[303cycling] What else do you love about Colorado cycling?
Another way I've shared my passion for biking is by helping launch the Colorado High School Cycling League in 2010. It's just so cool to see the kids out training, racing and camping with their families around the state at beautiful natural venues.

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