Boulder Biking Survey

New Survey is out from the city as they are looking for input from cyclists these 4 questions

  • What would make biking in Boulder more accessible, comfortable, and attractive?
  • Do you feel unsafe biking in Boulder?
  • What are the main things that prevent you from biking everyday?
  • As a cyclist, are you comfortable....

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Beware, the survey tool is very annoying at asking for registration. Why was this survey tool selected?

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Weak Survey

The survey only gives single choices for each response. Where it asks "As a cyclist, are you comfortable" and then gives multiple "pick one" answers, all of which I think most of us would respond yes to e.g. riding in a bike lane or multi-use path, then gives a fill in the blank spot for "what bike facilities make you comfortable". Other questions are similarly imprecise. Will the city take this poorly collected "data" and use it to make policy decisions regarding bikes? If so that would be unfortunate.