Boulder's bike industry supports $52 million

Does this surprise anyone? Sounds like a lot but seems very believable. Wonder how this would compare to other cities across nation.

From DailyCamera

Boulder's bicycle-related businesses generated $52 million in sales and employed 330 full-time personnel in 2010, according to a new survey conducted by Community Cycles.

Community Cycles, a local nonprofit that educates and advocates for the safe use of bicycles, sent surveys to 41 businesses in 2011.

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It's important to note that

It's important to note that this says "bicycle-related businesses", not "Bike Shops". In other words, it also includes companies like Cateye, Rocky Mounts, Dean, and Descente, as well as groups such as IMBA, not to mention Velonews. Note that this isn't critisism, I think it's a great thing.