Boulder Bike Corral Grand Opening

Tomorrow the City of Boulder is taking a bold move to help solve micro bike parking issues, Bike Corrals. There are areas in downtown Boulder that attract a lot of bike parking (probably has a lot to do with the businesses that reside around these areas) and it is these areas that cannot handle the bike parking capacity. The Daily Camera ran a story today on the new corral and it's cost(s) associated with it and it also sounds like from the article that another bike corral will be installed somewhere on west Pearl.

Notice the placement in front of the park and pay station

Grand Opening
Date: Friday Sept 17th 11am at 1521 Pearl (in front of the Cup)

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Wow $1000 for each bike rack to say nothing of the lost revenue of the parking meter. There are so many bike parking spots downtown this seems like a waste of money to me. I have never had a problem finding a bike parking spot within a block of where I wanted to go.

There is tons of bike parking in the parking structure across the street to say nothing of all the bike parking near Illegal Petes.

Is it a parking issue or lazy

Today I saw 4 bikes locked to a tree outside the Laughing Goat when just down the street (west) had 2 open spots and down the street east had almost all slots open and across the street and more parking the ever needed.

So do we need a corral right in front of every business that attracts cyclist. Are some commuters that lazy or just don't give a crap?

Total Waste Of Money That Fixes What?

I live in Boulder, I love Boulder, I ride my bike to places, but this is one of the dumbist things I have seen in a long time. Besides removing a perfectly good parking space (and making drivers more unhappy with riders) what does this accomplish? Do we have some issue where riders cannot find something to lock their bike up to? In that picture I see plenty of places to lock a bike. On top of that the city spent a bunch of money of this stupid project.

Ah only in Boulder. 10 square miles surrounded by reality.

Great Start!!! More Bike Parking!!!

This is a great move by the city and downtown merchants.
Make more bike parking,
less car parking and you will get more people to bike downtown. It's great the number of people biking downtown with family and friends. We need to increase it another 50% in the next few years!!!

I avoid the 29th St. Stripmall because the bike parking sucks! They need to do this. Eliminate 5 car spots and add 40 bike spots in the Food Court, then I might think of heading down there. Until then, I keep biking to Pearl St...


I'll consider motorist equals when they are just as likely to suffer injury when they collide with me, cause only as much degradation of the road surface as my fat @$$ plus bike cause, are only as toxic to the environment as I and my bike are after a stop at Illegal Pete's, and only take up as much space as a bike. Please, you are taxed for parking there because you would otherwise be a drain on the city coffers to deal with the destruction you cause. Until then keep rewarding those making a positive difference, even if it is only a small one.

Waste of money

Maybe the city is trying to make a statement, like ride your bike more and drive your car less. Nothing changes peoples habits until it is prohibitively expensive (more taxes) or prohibitively inconvenient (no place to park)