Boulder and Denver Bike Commuting is getting easier

This morning the Daily Camera reports of better bike lanes and multi use path from Arapahoe to Mapleton street. Also, 5280 magazine recently talked about "Denver's bike culture moves beyond spandex and embraces the commuter", see full story. This week the Boulder Valley School District is having Walk and Roll Week which I can say at my son's schools it is a major success so far! Commuting is happening!

Tips on commuting in Boulder or Denver

- Get a map (Boulder Map and Denver Map)
- Logistics, this in my opinion is the hardest by far, either have a plan to have your stuff already at work (clothes, lunch, shoes, towel (if you shower), computer, etc.
- Don't take the same streets to you destination as you would by car. At least in Boulder there are TONS of bike lanes and paths that can take you to the same place but off of the main car veins. For example need to get to Downtown Boulder, trip Pine street instead of Pearl street or ride 30th street instead of 28th.
- Get the right bike. If you want to do this more than just 1 day a week you might want to consider getting a commuter bike. This of course is not required but it could make a huge difference in making commuting more common in your life.

Bikes to consider...

Commuter bike The bike industry is just now starting to address this niche of bikes but some will say they still have a looonnggg way to go. When selecting a commuter bike you have to consider the distance you will probably be riding and the amount of "stuff" you will have with you but my personal favorite and maybe my next bike is..
Swobo Dixon or Gary Fisher Simple City 8

Custom bike Any bike can be a commuter bike with a few optional adjustments (bike rack, fender, light, etc.) I have a HEAVILY modified Redline 925 with a SRAM internal 5 speed and riser bars, and it works great for me! Since you might not be racing on your way to work you bike can be tricked out to make it different or unique. Recently I took a Surly Cross-check and turned it into a nice Commuter/Hipster ride. The bike is for sale $600 for 303cycling readers! email me kris at 303racing dot com if you are interested!

Cargo Bikes A must have for those who have a lot of "stuff" to move with you or are considering going full time bike commuter. I've seen a few Cargo's around town and this individual uses the Yuba Mundo to commute from Longmount to Gunbarrel every day!

Types of Cargo bikes
Yuba Mundo
Surly Bike Dummy

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