Boulder Beer Cycling Event

A few (maybe a lot)folks in the cycling are getting together December 22 at Boulder Beer for bike chat, movies and more. Here are the details...

We'll have some great videos of legendary cycling events and racers, there will be lots of people to reminisce with and tell stories of how fast we were, and why we were nipped at the line of... (name your race here, from the Adams County Cat 4 Road Race to the Coors Classic North Boulder Park Criterium). We'll speculate on the upcoming season with Lance/Shack, Wiggins/Sky, Astana/Contador, Schleck/Saxo Bank, etc. We'll debate that after Eddy, who was the best cyclist ever, Fausto, Jacques or Bernie. And, we'll drink tasty offerings from Boulder Beer.

This is why we ride!

No need to wear Lycra, but feel free to bring some examples of your favorite old school jerseys/jackets to show just how far back you go. All other memorabilia of the grand old days of cycling will be fun to share.

Hope to see you there, remember everyone is welcome (mountain, road, track) even if you never wore the stars and stripes or went to the line in the Coors Classic (although I fully expect a few of those folks to show up). Who knows, maybe this will become an annual affair!