Two New B-Stations Will Link to Transit

BOULDER, CO (September 26, 2011) -- Boulder B-cycle, our community's nonprofit bike-share system, is pleased to announce the addition of two more B-stations.

On Thursday, September 29, the group will install stations at 6th & Canyon, near the Boulder County Justice Center, and RTD's hub at 14th & Walnut, for a total of 15 bike-share stations in Boulder.

"We're thrilled to add these new stations, as they'll help provide transit links for commuters rolling into Boulder by bus," said Elizabeth Train, executive director of Boulder B-cycle. "These stations will also expand the reach of our system to the west and add much-needed coverage downtown."

The transit link didn't happen by accident. The two new stations are being funded through a FASTER grant from the Colorado Department of Transportation designed to support and enhance transit systems. The sites were chosen for their ability to help transit users with "final mile" trips--from the bus stop to the office, the post office, or out to dinner--making bus travel more convenient.

The grant is being administered by GO Boulder, a program of the City of Boulder, which has worked in partnership with Boulder B-cycle to launch and expand the system.

"Helping commuters to link busses to B-cycles is a great fit with the city's goals to make it easier to get around town by foot, bike and bus," said Martha Roskowski, GO Boulder Program Manager. "The bike + bus trip is a great transportation option that can help reduce single-occupant vehicle trips, decrease carbon emissions and improve air quality, so we're delighted to partner with B-cycle on this effort," she said.

Two more FASTER-funded B-stations are in the works, one to be installed at the North Boulder Recreation Center and one at a yet-to-be-determined site. Stay tuned: Boulder B-cycle's looking for community input on the location for this fourth FASTER station and plans to host a public event to help select the site!

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