Bcycle records their 10,000th ride!

From 13th and Spruce Bcycle Install

Not only has Boulder Bcycle recorded their 10,000th ride, they have also received 888 annual memberships and as for making a difference they have burned more than 2.5 million calories and, by riding instead of driving, they've saved about 61,400 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Now Boulder riders will have more ways to ride those pretty red bikes around town with new station installations

New B-Station Will Provide Greater East Boulder Access

BOULDER, CO (August 24, 2011) -- Boulder B-cycle is excited to announce that, starting August 26, trips to The Village Shopping Center will be easier -- and a lot more fun.

The Village is the great collection of businesses framed by Arapahoe, Canyon, Folsom and 28th Street. Once Boulder B-cycle installs the new B-station on the Arapahoe side, folks will be able to grab a bike at any B-station, ride it to The Village, and securely dock it while shopping or eating.

And the options for both shopping and eating at the Village are top-notch. Whether you are looking for a cup of coffee, a loaf of homemade bread, a romantic dinner or a kitchen sink, The Village is your stop...and a B-cycle will get you there! This merchant community is 90-percent locally owned and hosts some of the longest-standing retail businesses in Boulder.

"We're very excited to add a B-station at The Village," said Elizabeth Train, executive director at Boulder B-cycle. "It's a great destination and an easy bike ride from all over town. In fact, our staff is planning a celebratory ride to Zolo for happy hour on the 26th!"

"As a shopping center with a long tradition of service to the community, we are extremely happy to provide a location for a brand new B-cycle station in Boulder," said Paulajane Moffitt, property manager of The Village. "We look forward to the great success of this program."

This exciting expansion will make the entire B-cycle system more convenient and dynamic, as the 15-doc solar station will complement the Google-sponsored B-station at 26th and Pearl, and the station on 28th street, near Men's Warehouse.

The timing of this installation is great, too. The City of Boulder is in the midst of a transportation improvement project on Arapahoe between Folsom and 30th that will include a multi-use path adjacent to the new B-station, which will make the ride to and from the Village even more enjoyable.

The good news doesn't stop there. In early September, Boulder B-cycle will grow once more, when the much-anticipated Whole Foods Station is installed at the store's 28th & Pearl location. Boulder B-cycle is also excited to announce that, in mid-August, the 10,000th B-cycle trip was taken in Boulder. Seems like this program is really on a roll.

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