Boulder asking for feedback on Electric Bike usage on multi-use paths

From Boulder Gov Website

The city is seeking public comment on two proposed rules related to multi-use paths. Select the proposed rules and maps links listed under "Proposed Rules for E-Bikes."

Temporarily allow e-bikes on paved multi-use paths within the city limits, not including paths on Open Space and Mountain Parks lands. This proposed rule would be in effect until Dec. 31, 2014.
Update the city’s official map of established paths within Boulder to reflect newly constructed and/or designated multi-use paths that allow bicycling and skateboarding.

The 15-day period for public comment began on Jan. 8, 2014, after the two proposed rules were published for public notice in the Daily Camera. Following the public comment period, the rules may be revised based on community feedback and then signed by the city manager.

To comment on the proposed rules, contact Senior Transportation Planner Marni Ratzel at or 303-441-4138.

Inside Boulder- Electric-Assisted Bicycles on City Multi-Use Paths from Boulder, Colorado on Vimeo.


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