Catch some important details on Sunday's CX race

Pulled from the ACA website on the details of the Boss of Cross race this this Sunday

There's just a couple of things I want to clarify before the day of the event.

First (and foremost) - there are going to be a gaggle of porto-lets around. But when you get there you'll notice many of them will be taped off. This is because CSU has these rented for the entire football season, and they're not moving them for our event. We will have a set of porto-s ready for you by the start finish. Please don't use any of the ones that are taped off as our cost to service these is just ridiculous. We'll have plenty for you and keep them well marked. Thanks for the consideration.

Second - entry is at the south entrance. The same one used for the FCCF this year. There will be plenty of signage pointing you to the location (and it's really easy to find if you're not familiar) - but I wanted to let you those of you familiar with Ft Collins know where it is.

Third - this is going to be a fast course. If you're into fidgeting with your bike for different events, get your gofast setup for Sunday. And we've route the course to minimize any goatheads ... can't guarantee you won't get them, but know we've gone to great lengths to minimize your chances.

Fourth - think about hanging out for a bit around your event. The race should be a ton of fun - but we have some other great things up here too. Have a taster at New Belgium, O'Dells or another one of the breweries - or go ride the IMBA trials course (it's about a mile from the race) - or we'll have come coupons for an awesome lunch in Old Town at registration. (shameless plug for the town here) Wink

Fifth (and last) - For anyone that forgets any bike parts and remembers too late on your drive up, exit on Harmony Road. There's a new bike shop about a mile up the road at Ziegler and Harmony (SW corner) - Peloton Cycles. If you swing in they can get you what you need, and redirected out to the race no problem.

Thanks. We look forward to seeing you all!

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