BMA's speech on West TSA at recent Banquet.

Speech by BMA's president, Jason Vogel, at BMA Banquet on West TSA access

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BMA is asking for us to take action by showing up this Wednesday to the

City Council Chambers, Municipal Building
1777 Broadway (SW corner of Canyon and Broadway)
Boulder, CO
Wednesday, February 9 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

BMA is asking for 4 things

From the Daily Camera's Letter to the Editor

Cyclists aren`t the enemy

I must object to the mean-spirited and ill-informed tirades about mountain cyclists published here recently. As mountain bike riders know, this activity is noble, positive and saturated with spiritual meaning.

For most of us, this is not some kind of extreme thrill sport, but rather a flowing way to experience nature`s blessing. No one is asking to ride on the Mesa trail or otherwise "take over" all the hiking trails. The current proposal is for a separate route that will provide a critical link in the system; allowing cyclists to avoid riding along Broadway south of Table Mesa, where the "bike path" is on a dangerous sidewalk that crosses numerous blind driveways into a shopping center.

The negative opinions expressed by the bicycle bigots can be compared to a group of snowshoers who want to ban cross-country skiers because they "go too fast."

That being said, I know that mountain cyclists are grateful for the off-road cycling opportunities that do exist and can ultimately make do without this much-needed southern connecting link route. But whatever happens, please stop characterizing mountain cyclists as threatening or predatory. Boulder is a cycling town and off-road cycling is a worthy and important aspect of our overall culture.


Below snippet is from the BMA Facebook Event Page. Lots more details there, some history and resourceful comments

If you ride a mountain bike in Boulder, and you believe in more trail access from town, now is the time to show up. BMA wants to get 500 mountain bikers there - and we need you to make it happen!

*** WEAR A GREEN SHIRT AND A BIKE HELMET *** ... and wear them with pride as you fly the BMA colors and visually state "I am a mountain biker!"

On this Wednesday, the city's Open Space Board of Trustees (OSBT), a council-appointed citiz...en advisory board, will hear testimony on whether or not to continue the Boulder Bike Ban. City Open Space staff said mountain bikers should have NO access to the West TSA. The OSBT meeting is our chance to change that!

To overturn this ban, BMA wants to show the mountain bike community's numbers - that mountain bikers are not a "special interest," we are the very fabric of Boulder. By just showing up in your green shirt and bike helmet, you cast a vote.

Or better yet, show up and sign up to speak. Don't repeat what others have said before you. It's enough to just get up there and say your name, your address, and "I support BMA's modest proposal." But feel free to say more if you'd like to. Your comments will dispel the myth that all mountain bikers are 20-something, meat-headed, adrenaline fueled, selfish people with no concern for families, our community, or our environment.

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