BMA supporters pack the Council Chambers

Supports of the BMA and West TSA Access packed the Council Chambers last night and then some to show support of a modest request of 4 miles of new trail.

From the Daily Camera

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance countered the staff's draft plan with its own "modest proposal" for bike access, which would include a north-south connector from Skunk Creek to Eldorado Springs.

"I do hear what everyone here is saying about user conflict," Botsy Phillips, a BMA member, told the Board of Trustees. "The reality is we're talking about such a small portion of trail that it's something that must be considered."

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Wheres IMBA

Where is IMBA during all this? Its kind of interesting that Boulder has terrible MTB access issues and IMBA is based right in Boulder. On their website under action alerts there is nothing.