Openspce to reconsider adding more bike access

From the Daily Camera

"I'm not convinced that the Anemone Loop is workable (for mountain bikes), but with a little more analysis of where a bike loop might go, it seems like it might be possible," said Trustee Allyn Feinberg.

Trustee John Putnam had similar sentiments about a southern connector that mountain bikers could ride from the center of Boulder to the South Mesa Trailhead.

"I'm not convinced it won't work, but I'm not convinced it will work," he said. "But given the amount of public interest in this issue, I think we need to make whatever decision we're going to make bulletproof."

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I restate what John Burke said at the Colorado Bike Conference last week in the video below " It's a government of the people, by the people, for the people WHO SHOW UP"

Congrats to BMA and all of their supports for showing up and making a difference

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