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It Looks Like They Worked It Out

Per Velo News, it looks like they worked it out, Sayers apologized, van Garderen forgave:

“I apologize to women and to women’s racing,” said Sayers, who raced as a professional with Mercury, Health Net and BMC and has been with BMC since he retired in 2008. “My comment was not directed toward them or their racing. I realize it was inappropriate to refer to them, and their racing, the way that I did, and for that, I apologize. That is not what I am about, that is not my belief, but it is my own fault and I apologize.”

Sayers also works as a director with USA Cycling at world championships and the Olympics, and said he’s seen firsthand how talented women athletes are.

“At the Olympics I worked with Kristin Armstrong and the other girls, and I know how hard they work and train and how hard they race, and it was inappropriate for me to reference them the way I did,” Sayers said. “I take responsibility for the mistake and for everything that I said. It was absolutely out of line.”

The man caught in the middle, van Garderen, was calm about his director’s comment.

“Mike apologized,” van Garderen said. “I think his emotions of the day — I think he just got caught up in the moment. And he didn’t mean it. At the same time, I’m obviously a big supporter of women’s cycling, and my wife just put on a women’s race that was a huge success. Anyone who saw the women’s Olympic race — that was one of the most exciting races I’ve seen all year, with Vos and the close time gap. Mike has a lot of respect for women’s cycling. I have a lot of respect for women’s cycling. Yeah, it was an inappropriate comment. I think he realizes that and he’s sorry. I wouldn’t expect him to make that comment again.”

Van Garderen’s wife, Jessica, told VeloNews that she had spoken with Sayers Thursday morning and that, in her mind, all was forgiven.

“I’ve known Mike Sayers for a long time, and he’s not really the kind of person to say something that,” she said. “I’m sure it just slipped out his mouth. I’ve always thought of Mike as a supporter of women’s cycling and I’ve never heard him say one negative thing about women’s cycling before. I know he didn’t mean it to be anything against our race. It probably just came out before he thought about what he was saying.