Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge Happening Today in Aspen

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1. Jade WILCOXSON, Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies, in 58:31
2. Alison POWERS, Now And Novartis For Ms, at 58:32
3. Leah KIRCHMANN, Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies, at 58:32
4. Carmen SMALL, Optum-Kelly Benefit Strategies, at 58:33
5. Lindsay BAYER, Aspen Valley Hospital Composite, at 58:33
6. Katherine COMPTON, Trek Cross Collective, at 58:34
7. Alexia MUFFAT, Fcs|rouse-Mr. Restore, at 58:34
8. Lauren TAMAYO, Exergy Twenty12, at 58:34
9. Jacqueline KURTH, Primal-Mapmyride, at 58:37
10. Kimberley TURNER, Naked Women’s Racing-Tribel, at 58:37

Aspen Women SR - I was wondering...

I was wondering why there was no coverage of this. It was cut down to a one hour crit. Not a good sign for growing Women's racing. With Exergy imploding, 2013 could be pretty thin.

Announced on 8/1/2012 (I never saw the press release)

We are sad to announce that the Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge is reducing from a 3-day race to a single day criterium due to a lack of funds. As some of you know this race is put on solely by three individuals. None of us are making a dime for our efforts, and in 2011 each of us put in our own personal funds to get this race off the ground. For 2012 we hoped to grow the event and further promote women’s cycling, but we were unsuccessful in securing the necessary funds or resources to put on the full race. We have no reserves nor loans to fall back on, and we must now change the race to fit within our budget.

Excellent, I like womens

Excellent, I like womens cycling and I am one of the FEW that actually go out and watch them. BUT I am not a hypocrite that screams boycott - boycott - boycott when an event does not provide me with a gender specific field. Likewise, I am honest enough to admit when an event is sexists such as those that exclude solely based on gender.

Also, where do you see anger and hate in my statements? Honesty is not hate. If anything, your false accusations are the ones that are angry and hateful. I have always found that when people resort to false labels it is becasue they simply can't refute.