Black Hawk Casino creates distasteful ad towards cyclists?

What do you think? Did they cross the line? For those new to this story, Black Hawk has a history of being very anti cycling friendly

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Well, I for one find this ad

Well, I for one find this ad very offensive. The cyclists are riding single file, just as they should. If this ad also bothers you, the most effective way to do this is to contact the General Managers/Sales Managers of each of the Denver television stations, encouraging them to pull the ad (assuming they are running it already). Here are the necessary links for all the contact pages. Contact the GM if you can, or the Sales manger as an alternate, especially if you also find this ad offensive, and if you have a business that advertises on television.

Am I the only one who

Am I the only one who expects that Black Hawk is milking this situation simply for publicity? They loose the support of a few thousand local cyclists but end up getting their name mentioned for free in newspapers all over the country.