Cycling to school increases

This Sunday the DailyCamera ran this story on how cycling to school is on the rise, yes, front page article!!!

I have been working with my neighborhood school last year trying to increase the number of kids walking or cycling by having a Walk and Roll week and by working with the government on a grant for Safe Routes to School. Our "Walk and Roll" event was a huge success and many of those kids and parents continued to walk or roll weeks after the event took place. It is soooo easy to get the kids to bike.... but getting the parents to bike was not so.

That was the first thought across many parents minds.
- Too many cars buzzing around the school in the morning.
- Have to cross a busy street.
- My 3rd grader is not old enough to ride without an adult (they are too lazy/busy to ride with them).
- Sidewalks are not big enough

While educating kids on how to cycle safely is very important, all the education in the world isn't going to help if their parents are filled with fear. One step I would like to implement in getting more kids riding to school is to not just educate the kids but the parents as well. I feel very comfortable riding around on all the roads around our school and so should they.

What do you think will help to improve cycling to school?

Here is a GREAT video to get adults educated on Driving their bikes

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