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The BikeSpike is a tracking solution that protects your bike and broadcasts your ride. It was designed and developed in Chicago Illinois by engineering collective Three Man Rocket and digital innovation house ColorJar and the project launched on Kickstarter this past week: The Kickstarter video does a good job of explaining the project, but here are the three basic things it does:

1. Bike Theft Recovery – Everyone has a painful bike theft story, with the BikeSpike we’ll all start having more awesome bike recovery stories.

2. Accident Alert – With our built-in accelerometer, BikeSpike detects when your bike has been in an accident and alerts select members on your contact list.

3. Broadcasts your ride, while you are riding – Riders will be able to set the BikeSpike to automatically tweet their location on a map for all of their followers. Folks racing in non-UCI sanctioned events could use this to broadcast their locations during the race, average folks could let friends and loved ones know where they were riding.

Another comedy video on BikeSpike,

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