BikeDenver recieves Award Grant from BikesBelong and REI

A few weeks ago received an Grant Award from BikesBelong. Here is the details on the award granting process..

Applicants for this invitation-only grant program were asked to present their high-priority bicycling projects within the framework of the BFC program's five Es—Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Evaluation—and explain how they'd execute these initiatives if funding were available. We were thrilled with the responses; advocates are doing innovative and exciting work on the community level.

BikeDenver was 1 of 5 to receive this award and here is what BikesBelong said as to why they got this award..

BikeDenver—Denver, Colorado
BikeDenver is helping its home city, currently a Bronze-level BFC, to reach Silver status. Through participation on the Denver Bike Initiative committees, they'll help the city to implement a bike-share program and improve city infrastructure and policies related to cycling. BikeDenver plans to work with their state group, Bicycle Colorado, to help update the Colorado DMV manuals and tests to include bike-specific information and questions—a key enforcement initiative. They'll also encourage more people to participate in Bike to Work Day through their Bike Pool program, and expand their successful Bike Valet at major events this year.

Just yesterday the Examiner ran an article on how the Bike Share program that BikeDenver helped kick start is running on low gear.

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