Bike Valet Parking in Longmont

You won't find it in Boulder anymore but bike valet parking is alive at the Longmont Farmers Market. Once upon a time Community Cycles of Boulder did bike valet parking at the Boulder Farmers Market and hopefully someone there will be bike valet parking at the Boulder Bolder.

From the Daily Camera

Diane and Bernie Newcomb have been riding bikes to the Longmont Farmers' Market for years -- long before there was a bike valet to take their bikes when they arrived and park them, free of charge.

Bernie said it beats locking the bikes to the meager trees at the Boulder County Fairgrounds, like they used to.

"These guys just take them," he said, adding that he can't believe how many people are riding to the market now.

"I think it's a sign of the times," he said of the 20 or so bikes parked at that moment by the valets -- who are volunteers for Bicycle Longmont. "I mean, look at the gas prices."

"I think the trails are getting better," said Diane, citing the new LoBo Trail, from Longmont to Boulder.

Whatever the reason, more people are riding bikes to the market, said Randy Burgess, a board member for Bicycle Longmont, which started providing bike parking for the market in 2010.

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