Illegally parked cars around Plum Valley Park - Chronic problem

Email I received from a concerned reader

How many things are wrong with this picture?

I wanted to inform you of a chronic problem in our neighborhood surrounding Plum Valley Park. We often have 12 to 20 cars parked illegally in the bike lanes and in front of the fire hydrant on game days. These photos were taken today, Saturday, May 4th around 12:45pm. There was a youth lacrosse game going on. This also is frequent in the evenings when there are kickball games. Most of the illegal parking occurs on Westridge Village Parkway.

My neighbor was almost hit when she pulled out of Baneberry Place onto Westridge Village Parkway because the illegally parked cars obstructed the view south on Westridge Village Parkway.

My neighbor and I have separately contacted the Douglas County Sheriff’s office many times. Sometimes they send an officer over to ticket the vehicles and sometimes I have seem them just drive by and ignore the problem.

We want the sporting events to continue in our beautiful parks. There is plenty of parking on our street, Baneberry Place and also to the south on White Oak Lane. However, I don’t think we should put up with this chronic problem.

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I drive past Plum Valley Park

I drive past Plum Valley Park at least 5 times per week and can attest that this is a typical shot of the bike lane. It's rampant throughout Highlands Ranch though. Try driving around on a Saturday morning during youth soccer. At least the drivers are usually courteous once they are in their cars.