BikeDenver helping crack down on bike lane violators

Denver Bike lane violator in what appears to be a fresh new bike lane!

In the past few years downtown Denver has been working very hard make the streets more bike friendly with added lanes and sharrows however these lanes are useless when drivers act they're not there at all. Drivers can be given a ticket "for impending the right of way" and it will cost them $25. "Most of the violators are service vehicles and for most of those service companies receiving a mild $25 dollar ticket is simply marked up as a cost of doing business", says Maggie Thompson with BikeDenver.

BikeDenver has been working hard at trying to document where most of the violations are happening and why and not just trying to get everyone a ticket. Trying to understand what the root problem is key in this situation because for many violators, $25 a day is nothing. "Do service vehicles have enough loading zones and/or parking for park while doing their business?" ask Maggie. Educating some of the businesses to encourage service cars that come to their business that parking in a bike lane is not desired, studies have shown that active bike lanes even if they are created via the removal of parking spaces does increase business so treating them as a means to get new customers is important.

What can you do if you see a car/truck parked in a bike lane?
- Awareness! Take a photo or at least get information about location and company (if applicable) and pass it to BikeDenver on Facebook or 303cycling on Facebook. Knowing there the problem spots are is important and educating the companies violating and business that do business with these violators is key.
- Photo. Pictures say a 1000 words.
- For greater change support organizations like BikeDenver or Bicycle Colorado because they can help make change happen

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You are soooo out of touch with casual cyclists

Emergency vehicles get to park wherever they want. And as for getting around them, sure, many experienced cyclists would no have a problem doing this but experienced cyclists also don't need bike lanes, we can just take the lane. Experienced cyclists can also can ride 2 or 3 abreast on Hwy 36 out to Lyons while many cyclists don't even feel comfortable on that road.

It should not be a problem for this vehicle to park out about 3 feet into the car lane... most car drivers know how to get around it.