More Photos of Bike Lane Violators Denver

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BikeDenver, the city's main advocacy group for cyclists, has asked its supporters to keep an eye out for illegally parked cars taking up these lanes and to send over photos. The group has shared some of them with us, and we've also snapped a few of our own around town.

But first -- what is the law here?

Emily Williams, a spokeswoman for the city's Public Works Department, writes to us:

Overall, cars parking in bike lanes is one of those growing pains Denver is experiencing as we continue to evolve into a more multimodal city; it is important for all commuters to be aware of their surroundings. A bike lane is considered part of the travel lane, therefore Denver Police has the authority to cite the offending driver. Parking in a bike lane is illegal and it is important that drivers understand that where they park can affect the transportation system as a whole.

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True, but...

the earlier comment wasn't about runners on multi-use paths. Fact of the matter, if a pedestrian (walker or runner) is on the roadway (which is legal), they should be as close to the edge as practicable (just like for cyclists) and should be going against the flow of traffic. Walking or running along the road with your back to traffic is crazy dangerous.

You write "practicable"

CO laws concerning people who bicycle NOW states "ride far enough right as judged safe by the bicyclist...," and replaces the former requirement to "ride as far right as practicable."

Many of us see this as an important distinction.

It's Colorado Revised Statute (CRS) 42-4-1412, paragraph 5(a)(I) if you want to legally geek out.


that may be your point, it wasn't my point. Whether a pedestrian should or should not be on the roadway depends on a number of factors, and even if they shouldn't be there... if they are, they should be on the "wrong" side of the road facing traffic.

You assume too much...

For every pedestrian/runner going in your opposite direction (and thus coming at you on your side of the road) there could just as well be others going in your same direction (and thus moving away from you on the opposite side). You still have to go around anyone on your side, whether they're coming toward you or going in your direction. MUCH better to have them facing you so you each know the other is coming. The "see you coming" aspect is why pedestrians are expected to be on the 'wrong' side of the road and facing oncoming traffic. Whether on the road legally or not, it is stupid/dangerous to walk or run with your back to traffic.