Bike Insight -- a Ride for the Blind

From the Daily Camera

A University of Colorado student is launching a new nonprofit organization called Bike Insight, which pairs blind people with sighted partners for tandem bike riding.

Founder Jake Ainciart, a CU senior, is hoping to get the organization operational by mid-May.

"There's something very valuable about being on a bike and powering yourself," Ainciart said. "After talking to some of the blind students I've spoken with, they've said it's one of the more fun ways to get out and enjoy the world."

Bike Insight has incorporated as a nonprofit but is working to finalize its board of directors to become tax-exempt for donations. Ainciart and the other board members are raising money with the goal of purchasing 10 tandem bikes for the first season, as well as other equipment, such as helmets and safety vests.

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Also from Bike Insight below

Hey everybody, get ready! Bike Insight is starting up and is Boulder's very own tandem riding organization aimed at offering weekly bike rides to the blind and visually impaired. We also plan on offering monthly bike trips where we go camping and biking in the Rockies for a weekend. Our goal is to start our rides in late Spring/early summer of this year and we need your help! As we are a young organization we need to mobilize people and anyone who is interested in getting involved is encouraged to email us. Our organization is based on word of mouth, so anyone reading this please spread the word to anyone who would like to accompany us on a ride as a stoker or anyone who would like to be a captain on one of our bicycles. Also we are looking for individuals who would be interested in working with the organization from an administrative standpoint, offering support with marketing, organization, and event planning. Thank you and feel free to contact us with any questions/ideas/or anything else.

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Blind cyclist

Hi Jake

I am on the board of Heartcycle, a non profit bicycle touring club based in Denver. We have a member, Ron Barton, who is blind and is an avid bicyclist. He has his own tandem and participaqted in a 3 part 3 year transcontinental trip with our club. Ron has an ongoing problem of finding a captain for his tandem. Currently, he would like to find someone to join him on a Pacific coast trip beginning in September. Our trips are fully supported and include motel accomodations. As a non profit we offer very affordable trips. I wanted to contact you to see if you might know someone who might be interested in this opportunity. Feel free to call me at (303) 618-4789. I look forward to your thoughts.