"Sheriff's Office confirming fatal bike vs semi accident near 63rd and Valmont"

From the Daily Camera
A bicyclist was killed this morning after being struck by a semi trailer, according to the Colorado State Patrol.

The accident occurred at 6379 Valmont Road at around 6:50 a.m., according to Colorado State Patrol Trooper Dennis Wilder.

A truck owned by Villa Lobos Concrete was being driven east on Valmont Road when the driver of the truck made a left turn into the driveway of Pioneer Sand Landscape Supplies. A bicyclist headed west on Valmont Road was caught up in the wheels of the truck, according to Wilder.

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Be careful out there

I have a feeling the sun glare was an issue in this incident, not that it excuses the driver of the truck. I had to drive into work eastbound today at 6:45am; the sun was almost directly out of the east, and it was blinding.

If you are riding, please be aware that this time of year, the sun glare is a huge issue for drivers. Be hyper-alert when approaching intersections and driveways where drivers are heading into the sun in the morning and late afternoon. It is not an obvious thing when you are riding, but the truck that you can see as plain as day in front of you, may not see you because the sun is almost directly in their eyes and their dirty windshield makes the issue 10 times worse.

Drivers, clean your windshield before heading out, use your sun visors, and wear sunglasses.

You don't want to be the cyclist *or* the driver in this situation.